Open Innovation

Innovate quickly and efficiently by connecting with talent and ideas to solve your biggest business challenges fast.


COCREATE with your clients

Have a lasting impact. Get closer to your customers and create engaging campaigns.

Crowdsourced Innovation Challenges

We bring you the power of the crowd in solving your biggest innovation challenges or harnessing unexplored opportunities.


Access to a carefully curated marketplace and network of tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators leading you to new talent. Ideas and technology that will solve your crucial challenges.


Our challenge led accelerator programmes enable you to take new, game-changing innovations to trial market which will keep you ahead of your competition

What we do

Regional Innovation Marketplace

Our innovation marketplace gives you to access to our network, insights from the region to challenge your assumptions on how you can innovate better. Faster.

Innovation Labs

We setup and run labs with you, to rapid prototype new products and services using agile development techniques, with a customer centered design and testing process.

Open Innovation Programmes

We leverage Open Innovation to solve challenges, and develop new products and services through collaborating with early stage innovative companies or your customers. There is no better proven low cost and low risk model to get to market fast. Our model works at scale with both industry and community partners.


We offer sector specific and industry led accelerators for both industry and development partners. Here’s a chance to identify, invest and accelerate the growth of a portfolio of technologies within specific sectors and industry verticals. Build your own ecosystem of talent, startups, and collaborators.

Talk to us if you want to

  • Solve a Specific problem
  • Improve a Business Area
  • Build Prototypes
  • Track Evolving Trends
  • Develop Opportunities
  • Brand Internal Programs
  • Facilitate Design Research
  • Run Internal Shark Tanks
  • Recognize Innovative People
  • Research Promising Opportunities
  • Manage Accelerator Program